Mining Bitcoin

iv Been Dreading this page the most as theres so much to say. its going to be updated for a few days to get important stuff down

Mining Lesson

  • CPU mining is where Bitcoin began all those years ago — now dead and obsolete theres no point what so ever in trying it
  • GPU mining took over as the main mining force behind Bitcoin but as of early 2014 even the best GPUs where completely over run and useless as difficulty on the network skyrocketed from a massive amount of Hash power from custom dedicated devices called ASICs
  • FPGA short lived and where very expensive to own but offered high end GPU power for very small power draw usually about 10% of the power draw
  • ASICs are where we are at today (mid 2014) most company’s now offer 2nd or 3rd generation ASICs these devices are dedicated to mining sha256 coins and offer 100s if not 1000s of times the amount of hash power a GPU can offer.

By far one of the easiest ways to get into mining theses days is buying “Cloud Mining” there are a few good company offering very competitive prices, i currently use one called (partly because of the name) but mostly because of the ease you cant turn BTC into mining power and mining power into BTC.


Mining with your own Hardware

Ok now for the mining Programs.

CPU/GPU — this is for GPU and CPU only wont detect ASICs (pointless but worth trying for fun if your new)

ASIC Devices

  • CGMiner — New versions support FPGA and ASIC ONLY
  • BFGMiner — Still supports GPU, FPGA and ASIC pretty straight forward as it should detect most devices after windows installs the drivers
  • BitMinter — Almost Noob proof only downside you have to mine on there pool, supports almost any device out there CPU/GPU/FPGA and ASIC no setup needed plug device in wait for drivers to install and load the client, login and mine

ill write guides or find detailed guides sometime soon